HomesGoSolar | Соларни системи за дома, офиса, караваната, къмпинг
Фотоволтаични системи за електричество. Системи за топла вода, къмпинг, яхта или каравана.
соларни фотоволтаични системи
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Warm water direct from the sun

Achieving greater energy efficiency in residential buildings
and 70% savings on the cost of electricity used to heat water.

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“I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.”
Thomas Edison, 1931

Energy – Anywhere and everywhere you need it

The solar energy makes you independent! No matter where you are, your access to sunlight is all you need. 

соларни панели

A system special for you

Our engineers and consultants prepare each offer according to your needs and requirements. Each system is individually created to meet the specific needs of each household.

Guarantee quality

As a long-term partner of IBC Solar-Germany-market leader with over 30 years of experience in solar power, we at 3K JSC guarantee our customers the best and quality products in the field of photovoltaic industry.

Clean energy

Solar energy is an alternative to fossil fuels, it is the most reliable and clean renewable energy source.

You save every day

The biggest advantage when it comes to solar power is that photovoltaic systems are powered by the sun, and of course, solar energy is free.

Invest in your future

By investing in a solar home or office, you not only provide clean energy for consumption but also offer the users of the building years of service with minimal or no electricity bills.

High quality maintenance

A team of highly qualified engineers and specialists are always at your disposal for the prophylaxis and maintenance of photovoltaic facilities.

Electricity - Anywhere and everywhere you need it

A large number of homes and farms in Bulgaria are located in places without access to the main electricity grid of the country. The joining at remote places becomes difficult, slow and at an extremely high price. The photovoltaic roof installation is one of the most practical and affordable technical solutions to this energy problem.

The value of your property is rising

Research shows that buildings and properties with installed photovoltaic generator are sold 20% faster and 17% higher than those without a solar system. Appraisers and consumers are becoming more educated, homes or retail outlets equipped with solar systems will be increasingly demanding.

Caring for nature

Solar energy is a way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Buildings are responsible for nearly 35% of all carbon emissions in the country. Photovoltaics can significantly reduce this percentage. A solar system for one household saves on the planet 3-4 tons of carbon per year, roughly equal to planting over 100 trees.

Our partners 

The most reliable and established names in the field of solar energy

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