HomesGoSolar | System for caravans and campers
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System for caravans and campers

The roof of your caravan works for your energy independent while you are on a vacation

Small autonomous photovoltaic systems designed specifically for your caravan or camper. Systems with different power containing everything necessary for flawless operation in all conditions - wherever you are.

What the systems include?

Photovoltaic module

solaren panel

Solar cable


Charge controller


Accumulator battery






The systems can be used for lighting, TV, charging phones, tablets and laptops.

Different needs, different systems.

Content description:

  • Load voltage:  230V
  • PV power: 3 × 205 Wp
  • Accumulator (Gel) (V/Ah@C100): 24/150
  • Accumulated energy@70% DOD (C10) : 2420Wh
  • Daily production: ~ 3075Wh
  • Inverter power:  600W
  • Solar cable:  60m

Съдържание и характеристики:

  • Load voltage:  24 V DC
  • PV power: 4 × 250 Wp
  • Accumulator (Gel) (V/Ah@C100): 24/200
  • Accumulated energy@70% DOD (C10) : 3360Wh
  • Daily production: ~ 5000Wh
  • Charge controller ( charging current/current load): 45/45 A
  • Solar cable:  8×10 m

How to order?

Fill out the enquiry form, we will contact you to specify the most appropriate system for your needs or method of delivery, if you have already chosen one.