HomesGoSolar | Solar umbrella with USB charger
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Solar umbrella with USB charger

your mobile device
direct from the sun

You want to lay on the beach, relax in the garden or to provide comfort to the customers of your establishment with unlimited access to the charger? The umbrella with USB Charger is ideal for unlimited access to electricity, even while you are on a vacation. Without the need for additional grid and without limitation, this umbrella offers functional, practical and environmentally friendly solution for charging mobile devices.

Use your smartphone or device with USB power cable without worrying about low battery. The solar umbrella gives tranquility to surf the net, work or to enjoy reading without worrying about the battery of your device. On the beach, poolside, in the comfort of your garden or for the convenience of the customers of your restaurant, the umbrella is the ideal charging station with clear energy.

The power of renewable energy is transmitted in the most ordinary household items. This solar umbrella is powered entirely by the sun. Access to convert sunlight into energy to charge mobile devices. You no longer need to leave your phone on the bar or at home while lounging outside. Just plug your device into the USB port of the solar umbrella and enjoy loaded mobile devices everywhere.

Efficient, simple, convenient and environmentally friendly way to charge your mobile device wherever you are.

  • High – 230cm. /Diameter – 185cm.;
  • The umbrella has 1 solar panel installed on the colored protective cloth;
  • 2 built-in USB outputs;
  • Set of cables for different chargers;
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