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Соларни системи с гъвкави фотоволтаични модули специално за яхти, катамарани и малки лодки, Лесно и бързо монтиране и 100% чисто електричество.
соларни системи за яхти , малки соларни системи за яхта, фотоволтаични системи за яхти
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Systems for yachts

Access to electricity without the need of engine running


Small autonomous photovoltaic systems designed specifically for the needs of your yacht. A systems with flexible photovoltaic module, made for yachts and boats. Easy to install, thin and very reliable.

What the system include?

Flexible module


Solar cable


Charge controller


Accumulator battery




Set of cables


The systems can be used for lighting, TV, charging phones, tablets and laptops.

Different needs, different systems.

Content description:

  • Load voltage: 12 V DC
  • PV power: 1×100 Wp
  • Accumulator (Gel) (V/Ah@C100): 12/75
  • Accumulated energy@70% DOD (C10): 630 Wh
  • Charge controller ( charging current/current load): 10/10 A
  • Solar cable: 2×10 m

Content description:

  • Load voltage: 12 V DC
  • PV power: 1×150 Wp
  • Accumulator (Gel) (V/Ah@C100): 12/120
  • Accumulated energy@70% DOD (C10): 1008 Wh
  • Контролер на заряда зареден ток/ ток на товара: 10/10 A
  • Solar cable: 2×10 m

How to order?

Fill out the enquiry form, we will contact you to specify the most appropriate system for your needs or method of delivery, if you have already chosen one.